Worship Arts at Brighton AG

God’s gift. My service.

At Brighton AG, we believe in glorifying God by using the gifts He’s given us. Gifts of music, creative expression, as well as technical skills.

Our vocalists desire to sing praises to God that glorify him, while encouraging and leading the congregation to participate by lifting their voice to our heavenly father.

Instrumentalists at Brighton AG use their musical talents to create a textured backdrop to the songs as we lift our worship and praise heavenward.

Additionally, we have a passion for bringing songs to life by offering opportunities seasonally and throughout the year for artistic expressions such as: creative dance, human videos, spoken word, and seasonal choirs.

So, we invite you to join us for a time of worship each Sunday at 9:30am and on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Hope to see you soon! And, if you’d like to offer your creative gifts to God, please see Pastor Brad Killian to discuss our various ministry opportunities.

“One of the greatest joys of attending Brighton Assembly of God is coming together with fellow believers to praise and worship God for who He is, and to celebrate the amazing grace He has shown us! The Worship Arts at Brighton Assembly of God is nothing short of amazing. From being led in contemporary worship, to watching beautiful interpretive dances, I grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord weekly. I am forever grateful that I have found a church home where I can join with others in experiencing the love of God through our praise and worship.”

-Cara Velazquez


About Pastor Brad Killian

Brad Killian (Pastor BK) received his B.A. in Music from William Tyndale College and has been leading worship since he was sixteen years old. He has been involved in pastoring the arts in church environments since 2000, as well as ministering abroad.

He is blown away by his beautiful wife Lori and their four children—David, Jonathan, Mercy and Brenna. Brad’s desire is to lead the Church into the revelation of who God is and from this launching pad, he lives to serve God and others.

When Pastor BK isn’t singing, playing piano, or writing worship songs he can usually be found playing board games with his family.

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